Web Development

What kind of Web Development services do you offer?

I am specialised in front-end development, this includes working with SCSS, CSS, HTML5, JS. Most of my web development projects are related to WordPress theme modifications or alterations of some sort - but not exclusively. I have also experience with other CMS systems such as GravCMS, Concrete 5, Drupal, Kentico and worked on some Angular projects (UI/UX).

Do you offer ongoing retainer work for an existing site?

Yes I do. I can work on a retainer basis (pre-paid hourly budget) and allocate a certain amount of time of my schedule for your website tasks. How large this retainer should be to work effectively will come down to the complexity and the frequency of the tasks you have in mind.

What CMS would you recommend for a new Website Development Project?

This comes down to the functionality aspects of the website. In most scenarios WordPress would be the CMS of choice however there are situations I could recommend different platforms such as Shopify if your ultimate goal is putting up an e-commerce site.

Are your WordPress sites making use of the Gutenberg block system introduced with Wordpress 5?

In short: I leave the 'Blocks' for the 'Blogs'. While I believe the 'Blocks' which replaced the good old WYSIWYG editor in WordPress are a step in the right direction for future development the current version is still pretty primitive and not user-friendly (and buggy). The 'blocks' system is nothing new, there are ton of visual editors (Page Builders) such as [Elementor](https://elementor.com/) out there which do a far better job (and have some interesting features). I normally develop my themes using the WYSIWYG editor and ACF Custom Fields and under some circumstances with page builders such as Elementor.

What is your hourly rate for web development?

My hourly rate is $85 for 'standard' web development for WordPress.

WordPress Speed Optimisation

Can you achieve a speed score of 100 for my existing site?

While I did achieve site speed scores of 100 for some sites in the past I can't guarantee I can achieve it with your site as well. There are too many factors which influence the score and some are in some cases out of my hand to be influenced. From my experience though, most sites will range between a 90 to a 100 score after a successfull optimisation process.

How much does a WordPress optimisation cost?

The WordPress speed optimisation service I offer costs $150 for a standard WordPress site of about 200 pages. I might also suggest some additional upgrades after an initial analysis. For example if I notice that your current hosting package is more of a drag rather than a horse I might suggest to transfer your site to one of my [WordPress optimised hosting packages](/services/managed-web-hosting) - these are however optional costs. For larger sites with a high data-transfer volume and a large page volume 200-450 (a good example here would be a large e-commerce site with loads of traffic) the costs will be $250 for the setup and $55 / month annually ongoing service costs.

How long does it take to optimise my WordPress site for speed?

The WordPress speed optimisation service I offer usually takes 24h to be completed. I will make an initial analysis of your site with GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights to get a 'before' value. I might then suggest additional steps to take such as to consider a better hosting package. After the optimisations are complete I will run another test series around the 24h mark so that we have some good comparison data.

Do you need access to my site to complete these works?

Yes I do. I will need to access your WordPress site as Administrator as a minimum. In certain cases I might ask to get granted access to yor hosting control panel to access specific files or server setups.

WordPress Hosting

What is so special about your hosting packages?

The hosting packages I provide are trimmed to perform best with a WordPress site. They have all whistle and bells in place for best speed performance as well and are kept always up-to-date with the latest server software available. On top of that, the servers are located in a Sydney Datacentre which makes them ideal for Australian businesses.

How much do your hosting packages cost?

There is extensive information about the pricing on the [Managed Hosting Packages for WordPress](/services/managed-web-hosting/#HostingPricing) service page. The entry level package costs $19 / month billed annually - which is a real cracker of a price for a managed hosting package and suitable for most standard WordPress sites.

I need a domain name registered as well. Can you help?

I can. In fact I helped registering and manage domain renewals for many of my clients. If you want piece of mind, I can register a domain name and setup your hosting package (and email accounts) all in one go. NB: Keep in mind that the registration of .com.au domains requieres a valid ABN/ACN

How does billing work? Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card. You will receive an invoice prior the service will be activated. This hosting invoice will than sent out yearly. If you ever wish to cancel your hosting or for some reason you move to an other hosting provider you will need to let me know so in due date with in the billing cycle. More information about cancellation and termination and information about domain registration can be found in the [Terms & Conditiions](/terms-conditions).

WordPress Development

What WordPress Development Services do you provide?

I provide: * Existing Theme Customisation * Landing Page development & design * Custom Theme Design & Development * Theme de-bugging or bug fixing * Mobile optimisations for responsive themes * Any theme modifications including CSS/SCSS, JS, PHP and [much more](/services/wordpress-development).

Do you offer services for e-commerce sites?

Yes I do. I have extensive knowledge in design & development of WooCommerce driven themes. I am also a Shopify Partner and have customised and setup Shopify Themes for clients in the past.

What is the process of a WordPress theme development project?

A WordPress theme development project is normally split in 4 stages: * Scope: drafting out the requierements in interactive wireframes/sitemap (30% invoice) * Design: designing the visuals of the agreed scope (30% invoice) * Development: development of the scoped & designed items to create a working demo (40% invoice) * Deployment: deployment of the signed-off working demo to the live environment Each stage will requiere written sign-off from client as well as stage process invoices paid in full to continue to next stage.

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