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WordPress Speed Performance Report GTMetrix Desktop
Above screenshot shows speed improvement report of a WordPress site for
WordPress Speed Performance Mobile Google PageSpeed Insights Report
Same website speed performance measured with PageSpeed Insights by Google - desktop results
WordPress Speed Performance Mobile Google PageSpeed Insights Report
Same website speed performance measured with PageSpeed Insights by Google - mobile results
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Speed up my website Sydney developer

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Are you losing leads or customers based on your slow website speed?

Are you tired of getting bad results from search engines?

As a Sydney freelance WordPress web developer, I understand how important it is that you speed up your WordPress website. A slow WordPress website negatively impacts your Google ranking, conversion rate and user bounce rate.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, I have experience with speeding up websites and making sure every plugin is as safe and secure as possible. WordPress speed optimisation doesn’t mean having to build a new theme and doesn’t necessarily come with excessive costs. It is a small investment that can lead to very profitable returns for your business.

The benefits of a fast website

Better Search Engine Ranking

Better Search Engine Ranking

An optimised WordPress website for speed ranks better because Google loves fast websites, and it will love your improved site, too!

Reduced Resource Consumption

Reduced resource consumption

A fast and optimised WordPress website uses fewer server resources and can function happily - even on smaller hosting packages.

Happy Visitors

Happy visitors

An optimised WordPress website makes website visitors happy, and they will experience a user-friendly and engaging journey from the get-go.

Lower Bounce Rate

Lower Bounce Rates

A slow website will drive your visitors and customers away. Let me help you speed up your website today and reduce your user bounce rate.

Make your WordPress site as quick as a flash

Leverage Browser Caching. Enable Server-Side Compression.

You got a performance report, and now you are stuck?

Caching is not the silver bullet for a fast WordPress site

Just installing a Cache plugin is not the answer

You might be wondering if you can’t just install a Cache plugin that will speed up your website, right?

Caching is one avenue which might increase website speed, but it is not the silver bullet. I perform a variety of website tasks with most of them requiring a qualified web developer and server setup understanding. Plus, dealing with me directly means you cut out the middleman.

My process starts with analysing your current website as slow speeds might not be directly related to the performance of your website. In some cases, the main issue is a poor hosting setup which undermines an otherwise excellent WordPress theme and user experience.

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Boost your Business Sales with a fast website

Boost your sales and business ROI, just like Peter

A fast website saves you money and boosts your return on investment.

Consider this possible scenario:

Peter has a slow website which directly affects his SEO ranking. His website is continually running out of memory, pages load slowly and submitting a simple contact form proves to be a headache. Peter upgrades to a higher server package to alleviate those issues, but it delivers mediocre results. He notices a high user bounce rate in his analytics report but doesn’t know why.

To counteract this and drive customers to his website, he uses an agency to run pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Facebook ads where he pays unusually high click costs (cost per click) and due to frustration on the part of the visitors, the conversion rate is incredibly low. The result? Peter faces high server, pay-per-click campaign and further developer and agency costs, with low visitor traffic and a small number of sales. Peter is at his wits’ end, and making a decent profit has now become a daunting task.

asksam to speed up your website successfully

Why choose Sam?

After thousands of dollars invested and nothing to show for it, Peter engages Sam, who successfully optimises and improves the speed of his website.

He runs some reports after a few weeks, and this is the outcome:

Happy customers = A higher conversion rate

Peter notices that his website is lightning fast. Overall, his website is more responsive and it loads much faster. Remember that contact form? It now gets submitted quickly! His analytics report shows increased traffic to his website and his user bounce rate has significantly decreased. Customers are more engaged and they are even starting to use the live chat feature on his website.

Lower pay-per-click score

Peter also notices that the quality score of his pay-per-click landing pages has increased! The higher the score, the lower the costs of running PPC ads. Speed is one of the main factors of a website and it will save Peter up to 50% of his overall pay-per-click budget.

You made the right choice employing Sam for your WordPress Speed Performance

Peter is a happy chap!

Not only is his website quicker and easier to maintain,
but it performs super well as he is getting the most bang for his buck!

Combine your Speed Optimised Website with Fast WordPress Hosting

Take it to the next level.
Combine your WordPress site with fast WordPress hosting.

3 steps to a faster WordPress website

A slow WordPress website can quickly be improved if you know what the problem is.

This is my WordPress Speed Optimisation process:

Website Speed Analysis

Website and speed analysis

Firstly, I run a speed and website analysis report which will show possible website issues and improvements. This report will highlight your website's speed ranking and I will try to calculate and forecast the most likely outcome of the speed improvements.

Website Suggested Improvements

Suggested improvements

Secondly, I will recommend additional improvements and website fixes. Although optional, they might have an impact on the speed of your website. An example of an optional improvement might be setting up an Optimised WordPress Hosting Plan for your website.

Website Deployment & Monitoring

Deployment and Monitoring

Lastly, I will perform ‘standard’ website tasks to speed up your website, based on your circumstances. I will deploy live website updates and run an initial test soon after that will show you the results. You will also receive personalised weekly reports.

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